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What Will I Experience After Abortion?

Abortions Aftermath


There is Help Regarding the Abortion Decision...

Sometimes, reaching out for help can be the hardest thing to do. If you are considering an abortion the following information can help you make and informed decision. Some women have regretted their decision -- they feel they don't deserve help with their emotional and spiritual wounds. They struggle with guilt, anger, depression...and know that it gets in the way of their personal relationships...and their relationship with God.


Many of us chose abortion as an option because we believe what society has told us: that abortion is the only means to solve a crisis in our life and/or it is only a blob of tissue.

Most all women experience Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) after having an abortion. You may experience a few or all the below symptoms right away, but the average women denies her experience and emotions not recognizing that she is experiencing PAS until years after her abortion.

Post Abortion Syndrome = is a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is characterized by the chronic or delayed development of symptoms resulting from impacted emotional reactions to the perceived physical and emotional trauma of abortion. In other words, long after the abortion you may develop emotional or physical reactions; others may have chronic, continuing reactions to the abortion.

This leaves a woman with an inability to: process the fear, anger, sadness and guilt surrounding her abortion experience, grieve the loss of her baby, and come to peace with God, herself and others involved in the abortion decision.


• Guilt
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Suicidal thoughts
• Psychological “numbing”
• Anniversary syndrome
• Flashbacks / Nightmares
• Preoccupation with becoming pregnant
• Survival guilt
• Eating disorders
• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Anger / Rage / Hatred
• Self-punishing behaviors
• Brief reactive psychosis
• Inability to bond with children
• Anxiety over childbearing issues


• Tragically approximately 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion.
• At current rates, 43% of women will have at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years of age. (Ramah International Stats)
• 80% Of women experience Guilt
• 71% Experience Crying/Depression and feelings of Regret/Remorse
• 63% Couldn't Forgive themselves
• 50% Surveyed dealt with Anger/Rage
• 46% Felt Helplessness and Despair
• 32% Experienced Nightmares/Flashbacks (Reported from AIS Project, CPCWORLD)

Why isn't the risk of abortion discussed? If you were to have any other major surgery the Doctor informs you of all the risks involved.
These items are not discussed in a clinic setting. For example: Having an abortion increases your risk of breast cancer and significantly increases risk of future infertility. The clinic is in the business to make $$$. If you were to ask to see the sonagram they will say, you don't want to see that. A fetus's/baby's development at 8-10 weeks has already formed fingers and toes and research now shows that a fetus/baby can feel pain at these early stages. Eight to ten weeks is the preferred time for an abortion appointment.

Ask Questions... Be informed of your options... Don't panic... Research all your options... and lastly Pray. Ask God for his help...He Loves YOU! No matter what mess we have gotten ourselves into!
He Loves You ... Ask him for His help.

Scripture Quote
He is our help in an ever present time of trouble.

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