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Virgin Islands - We went, we saw, we conquered for Christ! 

Wayne and I hopped a Cruiseliner to the Virgin Islands for my birthday last year and we a so enjoyed this assignment from the throne room!  We were gone for 7 days stopping at Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martaan!  We prayed over eash stop on our tours and we rededicated the Islands to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  Thanks for your prayers!




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                                                                                                                                                                   2008 Aglow Israel Tour

Shalom!  Israel an Experience to Remember!!


Last January 07, the Lord stated, “I would be traveling and to keep my suitcases packed.” I didn’t press in to go to Israel and this January 08 I received a word that “there are places you were to go last year and you didn’t, God is going to reopen the door for you to go this year.  I believe Israel is one of the places that have been spoken of for me this year.  So with that in mind, I am praying and asking for prayer warriors and supporters to come along side in raising me to a new level of impartation and growth as well as the ministry of Central Illinois Aglow to a deeper place with Father and His Children.


We traveled the land and attended the Historical event, "The Call"  Where we saw a converted Jew and a converted Muslim pray together for each other!  The presense of the Lord was so strong in the place!


We visited many historical sites, the Gate of Dan, Masada, Mt Hermon, Mt. Carmel and the Upper Room to name a few.  While in the Upper Room the Spirit touched me and I recieved a new anointing at Mt.Zion the city on the hill. 


We recieved many signs, wonders and miracles while in the land.  It was as if Father had personally escorted the prayer buses to various locations and tremondous favor was upon us. We had items that were missing supernaturally appear... my broach I lost in New York was returned to me in Israel!!!, My purse was left inside a building and was supernaturally placed on the bus 30 seconds upon placing my feet on the bus. The clouds revealed the Lord speaking to us.  IT WAS WHAT I ASKED FOR SIGNS, WONDERS AND MIRACLES.


Thank you so much for your precious gifts to emable this trip to happen.  As we bless Israel GOD blesses those who bless His people.


Acts 2 Upper Room    King Herod's Temple    Valley of Armageddon     Mediterranean Sea           Call -Jersuluam      Dead Sea - Scrolls



How locals travel         Warring at Massada     Dome of Rock         Jordan River          City Gate of DAN          Wailing Wall


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