Cheryl Weaver

Catalyst, Consultant, Chaplain


                                                 Tie the Knot!!

Apostle Cheryl A. Weaver, Rev.  

Does pre-marital biblical advisement sessions to pre-approved couples for ecclesiastical biblically based Church of God Cleveland TN, marriage covenant ceremonies.

All weddings are by reservation only with the

prerequiste of three pre-marital counseling sessions. 

Officiate reserves the right to decline performing

matrimony when deemed unbenificial for the future

of the couple or against officiates personal religious conviction.  

An Intake application and non-refundable reservation

fee of $25 is due to process application and secure

reservation, with the remaining balance of $375 

due day of services rendered.    In case of inclement weather

services may be postponed to be within a 24 hour period. If

inclement weather persist ceremony/couple will have 10 days to reschedule.

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